While BPM vendors continue to re-invent themselves and their product offerings to chase the next c-suite focus; I’m encouraged to read customer stories that find value in process discovery and the innovative opportunities born from that endeavor. In a recent post by Scott Francis over on the BP3 Blog he closes with:

What’s different is that in this context, BPM isn’t the WHAT – it’s the how.  These clients aren’t “building a BPM system” – they’re transforming their client experience, building solutions – they’re pursuing outcomes.  And BPM software is a great fit for mapping out and executing against those newly defined outcomes.

Back to Basics – Building Solutions

This quote resonates well with me in that I’m constantly working with clients to help find and drive innovation in their business processes. It’s not about building platforms and a new technology stack, no, not technology for technology’s sake; it’s about leveraging software platforms like BPM, to gain insights and value-add opportunities in your business processes, with tools that support a rapid change model.

It’s BPM – Back to Basics, that’s driving innovation as organizations embrace the Digital Transformation era.

  • What do we do with all this digital data?
  • We have years of investment in capture, model, and execute technology; how do we leverage that to improve business processes and employee/customer experience?
  • Business as usual, does not cut-it; how do we find new ways to do business?

These are the questions we’re working through today and as our software tools evolve; we can go Back to the Basics; and gain real insight from iterative process discovery and positive disruption. Strive for innovation by focusing on business outcomes and work backward. Build solutions not platforms.

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