Gartner focuses on Transformation in latest iBPMS Quadrant

In this years version of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant on iBPMS, it’s clear that the focus is turning to Digital Transformation capabilities. It’s no surprise that the three vendors in the all important top right quadrant are PegaSystems, Appian, and IBM, but it is interesting how much emphasis they’re putting on suites that offer transformative functionality beyond traditional modeling and process execution. Gartner defines an intelligent business process management suite (iBPMS) as an integrated set of technologies that coordinate people, machines and things. It emphasizes: Support for real-time human collaboration, including integration with social media, mobile and cloud access to processes Advanced analytics, real-time activity monitoring and decision management for intelligent… Read More

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project productivity

Get your project off the hamster wheel!

The secret to productivity Nicolas Cole is a great writer on the subject of personal productivity. In a recent article of his I couldn’t help but draw the similarities between his personal productivity observations and that of project productivity for development and deployment. The secret sauce to getting things done! Most people aren’t productive because of these reasons: They try to do too many things at one time. They fall victim to distraction. They overbook and under-allocate the hours in their day. Sounds like the same pitfalls I’ve seen many project teams fall into. Often times not entirely the fault of the development team, but the business unit always seeking for that… Read More

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Dell embracing Digital Transformation

Reading an article over on Channel Futures about Dell tackling a reorganization around digital transformation; I applaud their efforts in listening to partners to understand the problems customers are facing. A year after a huge EMC acquisition, Dell is honing their go to market solutions to understand and educate what their infrastructure value add solutions provide. Big Ears Dell, a “company with big ears” according to Micheal Dell is listening to their partner network, and they’re hearing: “Help us be more adept around these transformational areas.” Investing in cloud infrastructure and IoT technology is tricky without understanding what value one can gain from these many devices and capabilities. Sure, IoT… Read More

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TAG Columbus – Cyber Security

Admittedly, Cyber Security is not traditionally in my wheel house, however I enjoyed the presentations and conversation at todays event presented by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and hosted by Columbus State University. As the core competencies of Business Process Management (BPM) expand beyond process flow and execution and creep further into the whole that is Digital Transformation, cyber security concerns are ever present. As a trusted advisor in process design and solution delivery, we often find ourselves testing, deploying and advising on hosted platforms, hybrid on-prem/off-prem, and private versus public cloud topologies. These all present different challenges in cyber security, threat detection and prevention. Especially in highly regulated… Read More

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Bitcoin adoption in NASDAQ! Beast or bust?

With Reuters reporting the Nasdaq will offer a futures “bet” on BitCoin in 2018; this could be a major adoption turning point for the digital currency. There’s been a lot of recent news to high-light increased adoption of crypto-currencies, like: Georgia gets new bitcoin ATM’s and even a big four consultancy getting in the game: PricewaterhouseCoopers accepting bitcoin payments. As Wall Street jumps in, this could signal a game changer for US markets and a spearhead for global markets as well. We know government agencies are opposed to such un-regulated forms of currency transactions; but they can’t just turn their back on this one. The people want what the people want, and the… Read More

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Social disruption in farming!

Hands on the tracker wheel and plow in the dirt farming is perhaps the last place you’d expect to find social technology taking root (pun intended of course). But that’s exactly what Farmers Business Network is doing. With $110 million of new funding, they plan to expand their growing members-only social network platform to include e-commerce. “We’re really focused on creating a digital farm economy in ways it has never existed before. – FBN co-founder Charles Baron They’re initial focus is on strengthening their farming network and the opportunity for farmers to collaborate and help one another. However, they are poised to be a major disruptor in the centuries old farming supply… Read More

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