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Business is built on process; whether bouncing a ball or bouncing a check, there’s a process involved. As technologists, we look to software tools to help solve problems and improve operations; but we must remain focused on the process at hand.

We look at technology enablement through a process perspective. Organizations across all sectors are inundated with many core systems critical to running their operations. People perform their daily work duties often compensating for the difficulties these many systems and organizational boundaries produce.

Process technology is not just about a rip-and-replace of these core systems; it’s more about reducing the noise between these systems and organizational boundaries that impedes progress.

Your customers demand more, are you prepared?

Flournoy E. Henry

Founder, CEO

Flournoy has spent more than two decades changing the face and efficacy of business through process improvement and design thinking. As a digital transformation evangelist and process practitioner, his passion for BPM (Business Process Management) as a discipline, and not just as a software tool, helps bridge the gap between business value and IT deliverables. He has been a staunch advocate of aligning IT with business goals and return on investment, and an advocate for BPM software solutions as a way to promote good business practices.

Nancy Riley Burke

Advisory Board

Optimal business performance today depends on the application of business intelligence, big data, fast data, the internet of things (IoT), predictive analytics, machine learning and AI. We blend these capabilities to enable what we call a self-driving business, which fast-tracks necessary actions without sacrificing precision and enables speed and efficiency without disrupting business; whether on-prem, on cloud, or hybrid. As an Enterprise Client Executive, Nancy has extensive background in sales, growth, and new account acquisition ensuring applicable business case development and better business outcomes.

William "Beaver" Holt

Advisory Board

Experienced Senior Information Technology Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Business Process, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Performance Test Automation, IT Strategy, Service Virtualization, Enterprise Architecture , Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Data Center. Certified Cloud Architect and strong engineering professional attended Columbus State University and Georgia Institute of Technology.