Transformation: a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance

For an organization of any size, a complete and dramatic change of any kind does not come easy. Yet across all industries, c-suites are chasing the Digital Transformation tag line.

Digital Transformation is about changing the way we do business; the way we communicate with our customers, the way we support and equip our employees, and in some cases, it’s even about creating new lines of business. But it does not change who we are.

Transforming how we conduct business should always seek to create better business outcomes and improve user experience, both internal and external users.

Do you know the core processes that make up the “how” in your business?

Do your employees know your core processes?

Understanding and, more importantly, visualizing your core business processes across functional areas should be the first step in your transformational journey. We must not deploy new technologies for technology’s sake; but understand why we seek transformation in the first place.

Where are your customer pain points?

Where are your employees met with frustration and roadblocks impeding their ability to improve operations?

Changing the way we do business, while we do business is hard. It can feel like trying to stay upright on floating logs.

New systems arrive quickly, old systems remain for a long time. This mix of technologies and the race to change and improve can create disruptions and chaos if not managed appropriately. Often these disruptions manifest in project failures and set-backs.

A disciplined approach to process discovery and technology enablement will help frame up the obstacles and provide a clear path to successful transformations. Whether moving to the cloud, replacing core systems with upgraded technology, or reducing costly process way-points and rework; a customer-first, outcomes-based, process design approach reigns supreme.

Transformation is not a project, it’s a culture change! Sure there’s a lot of technology involved, but there’s no lift-and-shift approach when it comes to people and ideals. Process design and awareness, Change Management, and the right technology at the right time, is how we win with Digital Transformation!

Need help peeling back the layers to modularize your processes? Want to leverage cloud infrastructure to reduce cost and increase scale? Is your staff mired with multi-application switching as the human-integration bridge?

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