Reading an article over on Channel Futures about Dell tackling a reorganization around digital transformation; I applaud their efforts in listening to partners to understand the problems customers are facing. A year after a huge EMC acquisition, Dell is honing their go to market solutions to understand and educate what their infrastructure value add solutions provide.

Big Ears

Dell, a “company with big ears” according to Micheal Dell is listening to their partner network, and they’re hearing:

“Help us be more adept around these transformational areas.”

Investing in cloud infrastructure and IoT technology is tricky without understanding what value one can gain from these many devices and capabilities. Sure, IoT devices everywhere, capturing everything, with data visibility from “the cloud” is sexy; but without tying this capability to a real process, real business execution, they’re just things.

Process is King

For decades, I’ve heard the phrase “data is king” and I don’t disagree on premiss; but it’s what one does with the data, how you capture the data, and the decisions that data supports that really adds business value. And that my friends comes from process! Understanding how your business operates, where the high cost resides, and where you as a corporation differentiate yourself to your target market; remains supreme.

Digital Transformation at it’s core is about expanding the competencies of a process management discipline to include emerging technologies like ever present and on demand cloud infrastructure, IoT device capabilities, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and improved user experiences (employees and customer alike). Vendor partners are looking to understand how to glue these new technologies together to create value add solutions for their clients.

At least Dell seems to be taking that seriously, and I suspect that will bode well for their partners and customers.

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