Throughout my career I’ve always focused on the positive outcomes of great product-user-customer interactions. It’s the experiences one endures that last. How does the product feel in your hand, how does the solution solve your problem, is it intuitive to use; how well did that person communicate and work to resolve my concern?….. all human experiences. It’s the positive (and negative) experiences that we remember. Brand loyalty is about building and maintaining positive experiences, not just marketing and brand recognition.

“Customer experience and business success are inextricably intertwined. If you want to prioritize business success, you have to prioritize for customer experience, too.” – #Forrester analyst Rick Parrish

Unfortunately many companies miss the boat when investing in Customer experience by neglecting their own employee experiences.

“If you aren’t creating a great experience for your employees, they tend to be less engaged and less able to meet your customers wherever they are,” – #Deloitte’s Michael Gretczko

A happy, productive employee with the right information at the right time produces happy customers through positive interactions resulting in lasting positive experiences. You have to connect the dots … connecting the right dots is key!

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